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This thread convinced me; I need to learn some better stops. So did running into a gaggle of 5 roller derby skaters the other night, when I couldn't find a gap and was closing fast. I'm a very good skater, just always used turning to avoid obstacles.

In 40 years of skating (a long hiatus in the middle raising kids) I've never even done a plow stop. I can do a sideways slide on snow skis, but that seems very easy, no traction if you keep the skis flat. With roller skates, you have the MOST traction if your wheels are flat.

I saw a youtube video teaching slide stops. They practice doing very sharp turns around some shoes put in a semi-circle. Then they'd move the shoes into a tighter circle. Finally, people would start to slide, and get it. I need to try that, tighter and tighter turns, right?
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