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I have been practicing a bit but it's been raining like crazy. Often too much rain and I don't want to destroy my bearings. I found that I could finally get one leg to slide, my left leg slides and my right leg is perpendicular to it. I keep most of my weight on the right leg. I have a lot of trouble with the transition and ending. I find that I am not sure exactly how to control it but I can make it slide a very short distance and stop somewhat quickly. I need to figure out the motion of getting my leg from a skating position to way out in front sliding. After that, my inertia wants me to continue moving whether it be backwards or in a circle. The reason I'm trying to learn this is because I skate around downtown Cincinnati and I have a lot of speed and can T stop pretty quick but I want a stop that is instant and controlled. I watch several YouTube ers and see that they can do slides that lead to abrupt stops to help them in the city.

Maybe some background can help, I'm 6 feet tall, 145lbs and have 2 setups I use in city, a 4x80mm wheel frame with 85A durometer and a 3x110mm frame with 87A. I like the bigger wheels a lot more for urban and have had the most success with them as well.
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