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Originally Posted by llama of death View Post
The R3 is acceptable, it is a man made (vinyl boot),I know plenty of people who skate them long term (have to fix them once and while).
I'll be looking to finally upgrade to new (leather) boots this summer, but I've somehow managed to make my R3's last up until now - I've used C-Clamps and Gorilla Glue on the soles multiple times, and finally just ended up drilling little holes all the way around the sole and double-threading triple-braided fishing line through the holes to have "stitched" skates as opposed to only "glued" skates. I've also taken leather strips and punched holes in them and sewed them to the insides of my skates to reinforce the grommets (because they were starting to get loose and fall out). Looks terrible, but has given me a bit more time to save up some money.
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