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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
Truly a case of "Angels tread where fools leap"

If the op wishes to follow the advice to throw themselves on hardwood or cement so be it another person with broken bones

In the meantime, forum rule #1 is invoked

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Yea, because tumbling and gymnasts learn their feats on cheese grater rough concrete.

I dont know where you get the idea anyoje is or was proposing learning to fall on rock hard surfaces.


Video here

I didnt watch the whole thing but I skipped forward and he was speaking about keeping your chin tucked in during a fall. VERY IMPORTANT. Most people never think about it. Its a learned skill to tuck your chin and pull your head away from the direction of impact.

Martial arts vids.

The "ki up/out" yells they do are to force a memory of exhale really, same as when a boxer hits or is hit, the expuksion of air protects you or produces power , and in breakfalls its power for the resistance or breaking of the inertia as you hit the ground.

Ill try to find better slower videos later when I have time. The floors they are doing this on have high density foam padding and dont really hurt to fall on.
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