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Your first thought is the correct one, DON'T practice falling, don't make any muscle memory or learn any moves(to fall). Falling happens, if you're in an environment that makes you fall often wear wrist guards, do make muscle memory to skate backwards, and do 180 and 360 spins keeping all 8 wheels on the ground, backward or forward, lower the hips, have fun, think positive.
OK, should you fall, you have a very heavy weight on your feet, be careful, it changes the way you roll if you fall at speed, falls caused by others are still falls, wrist guards.

Skating backwards is more fun than skating forwards, going forward you're fighting against your skeleton all the time, works good for speed, just max out your physical amount of movement and you're going as fast as possible, while going backward, your body just flows, no resistance to any movement, much more agility, speed isn't necessary, top speed(such as going forward) isn't possible, being outside is safer, no people to hit.
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