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Default not IF, its WHEN

Learn to fall.

We spend too much time trying not to fall, instead of building falling skills. It is ESSENTIAL to know how to fall and practice it. Because you WILL fall eventually, doing something. Falling skills and footwork drills will make you much safer for your entire life, not just while skates are on your feet.

On the watching your feet.. its essential sometimes. You need to work form while skating and get into a repeating step, then check your footwork visually for a couple strides, to see if what it feels like your doing is actually what your doing. Also to check clearances for crossovers and other footwork. Of course it should be done when you have adequate floor space to ignore everything else for a moment.

How much clearance is there from your right heel to your left toe when doing crossovers? How much clearance do you have from a lifted foot to the floor during a crossover? These are things to work on as well. A foot off the floor is virtually worthless.

I work on keeping my feet super close to the floor and just barely miss my heel/toes during crossovers. I know some must step over their skates. Like smaller people on speed inlines is a good example, but minimal lift or minimal stepping out in front or behind in favor of a better lateral positioning will help your skating overall.

SueSkate, there may be some loggers in your area, what rink do you go to?
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"Focus on form and speed is a byproduct, focus on speed and falling is a byproduct." - Matguy
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