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Originally Posted by SueSkate View Post
Thank you so much for your replies and suggestions. I must say that I can skate backwards, pushing my feet from side to side. And actually fairly smoothly. As mentioned by mass_quads, I believe it is the transitions that I fear. And also the not being able to "see" over my shoulder. Of course I know my best resolve is practice, practice, practice! I will certainly take into account the sight advice and work harder on the transitions. I wish I had room in my home to practice, unfortunately I do not. However, I will be at the rink tonight and spend 1/2 hour just doing transitions and goose necking.
Oh how I wish I had to rink to Falling is never pretty when surrounded by laughing kids.

I'll keep you all posted as to my progress.

So, when I first started to try new tricks at 47. I had not fallen in 15 years, but then I decided to try new stuff. So, I did have a bit of an issue that people would laugh when I fell. Now your attitude about falling will change and people will pick up on it and stop laughing.

Also, I invented a get back up move, kind of "I meant to do that" move. I do a backwards summersault to one knee then quickly do the regular hands on knee and push up. It's just a smooth transistion from down to up. People don't laugh anymore.

The middle school kids at my home rink do push-ups when they fall as their, "I meant to do that move" It's all in good fun, no one likes being laughed at.
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