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Default We've been out for a long time, but are now looking for places to skate!

After having a great lunch with two of my closest friends and former teammates, I decided to do a little searching around to see what was new in the inline speed skating world and... oh man. I am WAY out of touch. When I last wore my skates, 4x110's were the hottest thing. Now I'm seeing 3x125's?

I still have my old black and yellow Canarium Raptors (165mm spacing) with a 4x100 Tru-Rev frame. I can't remember which wheels are on them, but I do know I was rocking ILQ-9 TwinCam bearings. They're about 16 years old now and I'm sure they've seen thousands upon thousands of miles throughout their life.

The last time we visited the nearest long-distance outdoor trail (runs from Weaver, AL to somewhere in Georgia), it was starting to become overrun with tree roots and larger cracks. We used to skate at an RV parking lot for the longest time due to it being a half-mile loop (easy to keep track of miles) and had some success there. Unfortunately, most roads around us are not very skater-friendly and are hardly bicycle-friendly and most neighborhoods don't have any loops (if they do, they end up at busier intersections).

If anyone is around the Birmingham, AL area, we would love to know where you skate!

P.S.: I am way out of shape these days, but I'm hoping to change that.
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