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Originally Posted by Dec8rSk8r View Post
Damnit Rufusprime!! Didn't you realize that posting too much in the off topic section was not only clogging up a good hobby but also driving people away?
If it weren't for the noise, all there would be was quiet.

I won't point a finger at anyone, but I vaguely remember a post, about skating, that kind of went on and on as posts around here do. Then one poster said why don't you all shut up? I found that funny: This is a Forum. We're SUPPOSED to discuss, argue, carry on. It is what we are here for. I pointed this out to the shut up person. They weren't happy.

AZSHOT You are funny. Brag about how you are above it all, then whine like the rest. Ha ha. Made ya look.

If ya want skate posts, make some.
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