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lots of good stuff on this thread, I'd just like to put in my two cents as a guy who actually has been using the trinity mount for a long time.

Stability. As said before, this is stable and responsive. I use it mostly for city, a little for hockey, and rarely for off road. I use the reign helios boots that are carbon most of the way up. It has a good lock on the ankle and I am fully confident with taking downhill turns at 40 mph with those skates. they sprint really well too...which is important when going uphill. The downhill could be improved by 4 wheels because of speed wobble, but with the 100mm wheels that I am running, it is manageable, even at the highest speeds I've been able to hit (drafting trucks down a mountain highway....60+mph).

adjustability. this I have not seen much of. I keep a tiny mark on the boot and each frame to keep track of where I like them. the 3 point mounting system can be adjusted in 2 dimensions, unlike most 2 point mounting systems. I have found that useful, especially since I tend to use more toe movement on my left skate (so I adjust in slightly in so that I don't catch too much on things that I am passing more closely than I should).

compatability. good stuff and bad stuff here. I bought my helios boots when hockey was pretty much all the trinity had to offer. was worth it even then. now they have a whole bunch of frames and the three point system really can handle the different disciplines...but yes, if you have invested in anything else, there will be no compatability. I have two families of skates: powerslide trinity and bont. I just have to treat them as two different things, unfortunately.

hacking: they are adjustable, well documented, in a plane. it's quite easy to make modifications to these skates, and for those modifications to retain rigidity. I'm working on attaching a quad plate to my boots, but I've managed already to attach through an adapter plate my bont speed frames to these skates....back to the compatability issue. it is rather easy to go from 3 points to 2 points, with a little added height.

height: really not an issue. these do *feel* a little lower than other hockey skates I've ridden with 100 mm wheels. they feel about the same as my 4x86 mission setup. the 100mm wheels have a huge advantage in glide and grip. as far as height goes, I'll take the 3x100 trinity any day.

price: ahhh, you had to ask. yeah, fuggeddaboutit. there are perfectly good skates for half the price....but a carbon ankle. that's a deal MAKER for me. (I have to plan on being hit by cars....thanks Washington state).

congrats on reading this far, you probably learned nothing, sorry for wasting your time. however, please do look at the thread I'm starting in a moment on quad plates on trinity mount...just an idea.
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