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The Cado brake does work with 125's, but only on their 3-wheel/4-wheel switchable frames. In 4-wheel mode it mounts as normal, and in 3-wheel mode it includes a pair of half-axles that go in the unused axle holes.

The Cado brake itself is flat sided, and doesn't actually touch the frame. On one side, it rests on the flat head of the axle bolt, and on the other side has a pair of tapered plastic washers to adapt the curved frame to the flat brake. I suspect one could use those or make equivalents to work with any flat-sided brake. The trouble is Cado frames are already wide, and the extra hardware makes the brake even wider, so I doubt any 3rd party brake will be wide enough to fit around the frame. Cado themselves made their brake wider for the DB5 so I had to do a bit of bending to slim one down to fit on a DB4 without excessive width.
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