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I got em all!!!! Yay me!!! Okay, but they still probably suck, either way I'm happy and really trying. Any advice for quickness? In rhythm skating we do them in a straight line (usually), or going around the middle circle. In figure skating they specifically do the turns on a lobe or on a figure eight. I'm confused however. I'll show you what I mean. I'm attaching a video of a beautiful young lady to give the example.

At 00:04 seconds she does what we called in ice skating a "right outside three turn" (she makes it a double by going back to front at 00:07). My rollerskating group calls these 3 turns "inside pivots." I'm okay with it, because when we do it in a straight line (instead of on a lobe) we use our inside edges to turn. So fundamentally they could be different???

Question for the "actual" figure skaters here, would 00:04 be called an outside or inside turn? I always called this an outside.

Then at 00:15 seconds she does a right inside 3 turn (also makes it a double).
However, my rhythm skating group calls these "outside pivots."

Then she does it all on her right foot.
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