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Originally Posted by allanjeong View Post
Good points here about the need to allow for forward bend at the ankles to enable for lower squats. But low cut boots also remove left-right support. Since I began skating on my advanced boots with low cut, I feel less left-right stability in the ankles and am not able to push off and skate as aggressively as I use to at indoor speed skating practices.

My understanding is that left-right bending of the ankle reduces power in your strokes and crossovers. As a result, Iíve definitely lost a step or two and am not skating as fast. Any thoughts on possible benefits of allowing for more left-right bend in the ankles?

Speed will come after you get used to it. Give it some time.

Also adjust your suspension to suit the new boot. That should definitely help. Probably need to loosen it. Since the lower cut boot likely has less leverage on the plate.

Maybe try greasing the contact points where the cushions meet the truck. It really smooths everything out and let's the suspension work as intended. This also lets it move a bit better under a slightly tightened kingpin.
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