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The Roll Line Plates come with spacers. I do not know why? When you buy Roll Line Wheels, they don't come with Spacers. Why would you include new spacers only when you buy Roll Line Plates? It seems the Roll Line wheels would come with spacers, but they do not. You only get Roll Line Spacers when you buy new Roll Line Plates/frames????????

Usually when you buy Roll Line plates/frames, they come with one extra set of cushions? Usually the salesman will ask you which hardness extra set of cushions, would you like when you order your new Roll Line Plates. It's part of the package/deal/sales price.

The spacers you got with the frames will only fit Roll Line Wheels. I think the Komplex Wheels use the same size spacers if you wish. The Roll Line spacers also fit STD Wheels. They will not fit Bones Elite or Bones Super Elite wheels.

You need a shorter spacer so the spacers don't "pop" out. You would have to steal some spacers out of some old Clay wheels made 50 years ago if you wanted some spacers in the Bones Elite of Bones Super Elite Wheels.

That's what I had to do. Buy some old skates with really old wheels and take
the spacers out of those wheels to use on the Bones Elite or Bones Super Elite Wheels.

I personally think if you are going to jump and spins on your New Matrix Plates, running spacers is a good idea. You would need somebody in the "know" to help you. A lot of people buy several sets of spacers from different manufacturers until they get the right size for the Wheels (Particular Wheels) you are running/rolling on.


Larry Otani and Good Luck!
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