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There were an april fool prank some years ago about a 8 shaped track. It's dangerous unpractical and it really makes no point if you really think about it. A jammer lap a derby track in about 10s, and the pack is always in action even when both jammers are away.

As for the olympics, first you will have to solve the FIRS vs WFTDA problem. There was roller games organized by firs last year, using USARS rule sets (it's played by around 12 teams in the US, as wtfda derby is played by thousands of teams all around the globe). They had a hard time gathering 4 teams (USA, Australia, Spain, Japan), 3 of which were illigitimate (not recognized by the derby community and created by minor federations). The Roller Derby world cup playing with wftda rule set gathered 40 teams this year, with the world best players. FIRS is olympic (even if they did not have any sport in the games for now). Wftda is not and will probably never be since firs is already there. (skateboarding had to deal with firs too, whereas they already had their own federation, since firs consider that every thing that is on little wheels is theirs)

An other problem beside the number of medal is the number of athletes. Each derby team is at least 15 athletes, plus staff and alternates, that's a lot of people. A lot more than an individual sports like skateboarding. The olympic games are limited in the number of athletes they can host, adding a team sport is probably not gonna happen soon. Or you will have to remove an other team sport (ie : not archery).
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