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Default Broken Kingpins.

One huge problem that can arise with broken kingpins is the truck side leverage. If you are running your Truck adjustment so loose that the truck metal surface actually contacts the kingpin surface,you are creating a metal to metal shear effect. IE there is No cushion protecting the pin surface. Direct 170lbs Skater torque.

Very important to do a standing test. Adjust your trucks as you skate. Standing straight up feet side to side and your wheels on a surface where they can *articulate under your plate when YOU lean as hard as you can. You should be able to torque the truck over to see if it does contact the king pin surface. If< you cannot see or feel it,remove the truck and cushions,paint the king pin surface with a black marker and reassemble Try again,you would see the nick in the marker if they are touching.

If so,you will need to select cushions that will give you truck desired movement without touching the king pin surface with the truck metal.

*The most common king pin breakage is from the added leverage against the pin with>OUT any cushion between.
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