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I suspect it would cause more headaches than it is worth:
  1. If you get knocked of track you have to enter behind everyone who was in front of you. If skaters aren't in the same loop at the intersection the rules would get confusing.
  2. Clockwise hits are disallowed for safety reasons. If you did a figure-8 you would have to track where you are on the track and switch from clockwise-illegal to counter-clockwise-illegal. And what do you do at the intersection where people are transitioning opposite ways?
  3. Running into someone's back is not allowed. So blockers would just turn their backs towards the incoming jammer and force the jammer to contact them legally. So you wouldn't typically get the massive cross hits you were probably imagining much more than in the current game.
  4. The pack actually has to stay together, so you'd only have extra action when the jammer is half a lap ahead of the pack, and you can bet they'll work on timing it properly. Interesting from a strategy perspective, but may not have the intended bump in action.
  5. You'd need extra refs. Right now there is one ref for each jammer on the inside track. Since you wouldn't want them crossing the track you'd need to account for that, and they'd have to be more carefully coordinated when handing off roles.

Sure, someone could create rules and make it happen (If there were enough money to build one of these and recruit multiple teams). But it doesn't seem likely.

There are banked tracks which have different tactics than flat tracks due to speed difference and sliding created by the bank. Just no figure-8s.
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