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I have skated Venus, Chaya, and the new Bont Athena.

Chaya: VERY well built plates. Ophira are a bit heavy. Shiva are lighter, but pricey. I didn't skate them long enough to judge durability. Price is the main downside.

Bont Athena: Amazing plate at this pricepoint. some have complained that 6061 aluminum is not light enough. It skated well. I can not confirm, but it felt like a lower "deck height" than many other plates. I did NOT have any wheel rub. Best thing... cushions are a standard size, so you should be able to use Sure-Grip cushions (I have not tried). Also, king pins are the same size as Snyder. Getting parts should be easy.

Crazy Venus: Plate is strong and colors are cool. I like the cushions and hardware. Aluminum kingpins prone to breaking. The cheaper steel king pin option seems to be less of an issue. I used to sell this plate a lot to those who really wanted colors. I rarely sell these anymore.

MY Opinion: I really wanted the Bont Athena to be my dream plate. It is such a good product! All of the 20 degree plates I mentioned skate similarly. For some reason, 20 Degree plates just don't agree with me. To me, there is just a "dead" feeling. Obviously, they are great for a lot of people.

I am skating the Roller Derby Elite Magnesium 45 degree plate right now and really like it. It skates differently than the Sure-Grip Avenger. I had problems with RD Elite Kingpins in the first generation, but they seem to be better now.

As with any product, your milage may vary. That being said, if you want a 20 degree plate at a great price, consider the Bont Athena.
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