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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
Find a wall, lean on the wall, get horizontal.(Well 45 deg ) Learn what it feels like to lean on your skates.

Maybe even push a car on flat ground on skates? Where one could easily just walk sideways leaning against the car. Walking sideways if course, to simulate crossovers. A couple people on shoes could be a braced object as well. Your goal here is to simulate the load of inertia which allows us to lean in the turns.

Off(or on) skates
Walk up stairs sideways, with your chest facing up the staircase. Small crossover steps can be done on shorter stairs, and longer steidibg crossovers by either skipping stairs or finding a staircase with larger steps.

To do/practice crossovers the "opposite" direction, simply step with the right aide of your body leading up the staircase. For traditional crossovers, it's your left side that leads.

The heel should hit first, just a split second here, as the stride begins. Your stride will start with more weight on the outside edge during the beginning, and as it comes under your body the weight displacement shifts to the center of the skate, and to the inside edge as you push your leg away, ending with a hard pulse off the ball of the foot. The key here is to make this as smooth as possible. Form is always the most important.

If you watch Olympic level ice speed skaters youll see they have a very smooth flow. Timing your power output is key.

Like pushing a kid on a swing, as they start to come back to you, you prepare to assist gravity when they start their away trip. Your push strength and speed should build during the time you assist their swing with peak power being at the end of your assist.

Skating is alot like that. That heavy surge of power at the end of a firmly building stride.
Mowing up hill gives this kind of motion (I turn sideways to the hill to get enough traction). I got a hill you could try.
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