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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
I apologize for any preconception, I assumed you were the opposite end of the scale, so you know exactly what Iím saying, and now itís just a matter of hours getting comfortable in the position required to accelerate while turning, I was busy winters from 3-15 on ice playing hockey, at that age, closer to the ice, in pads, falling wasnít a concern, turning sharply while accelerating was, as I humbly exit, let me add, all things in moderation.

And... drop the butt
No problem. No offense taken. You have no idea who I am or my experience or background. I'll take any and all advice and hopefully I don't come across as snarky in response. My problem is I thought that skating would be simpler when i first took it up. Hoo boy, was I wrong... But now i know why golf is addictive. So much of both sports is about skills and not just muscling through...
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