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Originally Posted by panch0 View Post
So if the front wheel is not going through the channel, than I don't see the point of the Trinity front block.
I don't really see the point either. Doesn't seem like an advantage at all for 3x125. I don't think I ever had clearance issues in that spot with 4x110 or 4x100 either, but maybe it would be helpful. Back in the 5x84 days i do remember having to mount my frames just right so that the 2nd wheel wouldn't rub on the mounting bolt, but i think those days area behind us.

I think it's mostly marketing. Companies have to find new ways to sell new equipment. To me, this is similar to the Matter Propel hub, which is also a Powerslide product. They must have an outside-the-box thinker on their development team. Both products seem to be built different, just for the sake of being different; but maybe I'm wrong. I haven't skated on either product, so I can only make a guess that there is no noticeable benefit. I'm sure both products will win lots of medals though, since they have dominant skaters on their team that will win on whatever equipment they are paid to wear.

Years ago i did have a front mounting block issue on some Hyper boots. I think the same thing happened on my Verducci boots too, actually. The carbon around the mounting block broke on both. This was 15 or so years ago, and I think modern boots are probably made better, but if not, this solution could take some stress off the traditional front mounting block and allow the boots to last longer.
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