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Well, here I go...

I'm Becca, 28 and currently living in Atchison Ks. Started skating when I was 4 and got my first inline speed skates at 9. My mom worked at the rink near us in Aberdeen Wa. So I was there at every session and after hours. In 03 moved to Kansas and gave up skating due to lack of places near that had speed skating.

Well, my husband found my old skates in a box and asked questions. He has talked me into getting back in it. He wants to start too.

So here I am , looking to find more info on how things have changed since 2003.

Hopefully, find some other skaters around to skate with as well.

Last set up was. Verducci Corsa boots, maple clap frames, kryptonic wheel's with ceramics.

Thats my skate history.

Other about me, couple kids, few pets, I do fire, glow, and sideshow acts with my other half. Though, he has his regular full time job. Other then that I enjoy being outdoors, Travel, and creating things.
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