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OK here's my update. My pink scuffbusters are holding up well. I did have issues. I had to mount the nose cap pinched between the boot and plate for the best fit. The strap for me works best laced under my lace crosses. They hold better in that position and look much nicer. The thick steel grommet was an issue until I crushed it flat with a 5/8" bolt, washers and nut. This may only be a problem on Pilot Zytel plates with the clunky toe stopper jam nuts. (the new raptor plates eliminate the nut). I still had problems with the Mota Monster stops too low. I eliminated the heavy nut by drilling and tapping the plate thread inserts and installing a set screw. (if anyone needs this fix I will post a complete how to). From there the SBs work great. They are light weight too.

I put my Jacksons on an intense diet. I got rid of the Mota Monsters for new lighter Super Gumballs, got rid of the hefty jam nuts and treated my skates to Royal Assassins. Much better! Yes Virginia, wheel weight is important. A girl on my team has the exact same Jackson skate with Poisons. My size eleven is noticably lighter than her size five.

Another girl on a different team was admiring my wheels so I lent her four of mine. I put my wheels on her left skate her wheels on the right. She skated a dozen laps and was amazed at the dramatic difference. She ordered them from Bont on line while I swapped my wheels back. Giggle. I just love to help. Miss Bee
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