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Default Please forgive me for being a buzz of new questions...

It's the curse of being new to any forum. That being said:

I did a search first like a behaved girl should. OK, OK, no more puns.

Does anyone use lace tightening hooks? One or two, commercial or DIY? I wouldn't know if I'd need them, please advise.

I am trying Slip Not laces, the woven rubber threads idea seems sound. Your input welcome.

I will share my method of shortening unduely long laces. The problem is creating a new aglet. I measure the end I want and make a Sharpie mark. I cut a half inch strip of packing tape and center it on the mark wrapping around as tight as I can. Then I cut at the mark. Now each half has a quarter inch of clear packing tape to prevent fraying.

Next I find a clear shrink tubing that very closely slides over the clear tape. I cut a piece one half inch long. I slip it over the tape and shrink with the high setting with my heat gun. The result is a beautiful aglet that one quarter inch is bonded into lace fabric, the other quarter inch bonds to the tape. If the tubing should happen to be pulled off, it's because the tubing was too large diameter or more likely, it needed more shrinking and bonding heat constantly around the tubing. It works for me, your mileage may vary. No warranty expressed or implied.

Just trying to give back to all that help so much. Thanks for letting me share. Miss Bee
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