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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
Aside from suspensions....

Nuts on the axle too thight can cause a "no chatter" as stops or slides are performed.

I had a pair of RBT'S set up with glued in bearings, spacers etc. Everything was solid, wheels would freespin perfectly, but the hockey stop noise could not be made. Same thing with a pair of Faster grips. Bearings werent glued in but they had spacers and were locked down on the axle. Freespin was perfect as well, no hockey stop noise. Sure grip zombies MAX 89A spacer setup, locked down wheels, same thing again.

Too tight of a fit sometimes makes it harder to get that vibration your seeking. Its good at providing feedback thats for sure.
I set my bearing clearance at exactly 1/2 turn out from tight, Scares the crap out of everybody in 20 ft doing a T stop.
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