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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
Meh, deleteing things never helps others learn opinions and other veiws, no matter how normal or abstract.

Riedell should have tested the plate a bit further, but I believe the original test model was 7075 not 6061, and was likely not beaten on like derby players do. A good 300 lb guy shoving walls on ginormous toe stops in a grippy floor would have been a good test if he was using leather boots.
Sounds like me deciding a 2024 aluminum (instead of 7075) 3/8-16 stud could be still be strong enough to work as stud kingpins for a Laser Slider build.

I soon had the bruises to prove that that analysis was poorly executed, but at least I have a nice bag or lightweight 2024 3" fully threaded bolts when I need one for something more appropriate than a quad skate kingpin, Ha Ha.

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