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Default Hi all. Jen from Vegas

So as my title and my username says, I'm Jen and I live in Vegas. New to this forum but I've been skating now for almost 40 years. Like just about everybody who remembers the 80s I started with four wheel skates and got pretty good at it. In high school, my main hang out was the roller rink. After school, I went into the service and got my first set of inlines. I've been skating on them for so long now I have a hard time with the old four wheels any more.
I really enjoy speed skating. It's one of the best exercises I've ever tried, plus it's just fun. I currently have two pair of speed skates, one is a Miller Sports I got about 10-12 years ago, but they're a little too big. The other is a pair of Luigino I bought used a couple months ago, and they're a little too small! Maybe the next pair will be just right.
The bad thing about living in Vegas is the summers. It's simply too hot to skate during the summer. I can't skate for about four months a year. But come about October, I'll be at it pretty regularly again.
In the meantime I'll hang out here from time to time. I really don't know if there is anyone else or any place here in town that is all about speed skating. We have a couple of roller parks and as tempting as it looks to go out and try a half pipe I have to remember things hurt a lot more at my age.
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