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Default Why are you running such a stiff set up?

If your using SG Purple cushions at your weight your doing it all wrong. Work your way from Purple to yellow to BLUE with progressively looser action. Actually just go get the blues and start there with preload (cranked down). Make sure you adjust the pivot pin with each change of the kingpin nut preload. Should just be seated with no slop and not jacking the truck hanger either. Find the sweet spot. I use an 81 duro floor side and a 85 duro cushion skate side and weigh 210Lbs. My daughter is closer to your weight at 85lbs and with the blue SG cushions in she prefers the blues with a half turn on the kingpin nut. She has only been running this plate for a week and absolutely rocks it.
Your setup with the "purples with adjuster cranked down" is so wrong. Whoever set up you skates or gave you the advice needs to back away from the wrench.
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