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My name is Isaiah Janisch. I've been able to skate for as long as I can remember, but I wasn't a serious skater until 2012. I skated everyday on my driveway on plastic skates from Target. Then I got a pair of Rollerblade Fushion10ks in April of that year and over the summer I worked my way up to skating 30 miles. Even before I got my Fushion 10ks I wanted to join an inline speedskating team but I was unable to find a club, so I started ice speedskating with the Madison Speedskating Club in September 2012. I still practiced on inlines for hours a day during the summer and sometimes during the winter. A few years later I found the Team Wisconsin inline club. 2015 was my first full summer skating indoors and outdoors with a real inline team.

I haven't competed on inlines yet but I've competed at several national championships on ice (short track and long track). I hope to compete nationally on inlines someday.
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