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Originally Posted by cass38a View Post
When someone wins a world title on boots with a high cut please let me know

Nothing missing or crude in my answer.............just facts.
Just because no one is winning on one doesnt mean it wouldn't win. More like no one races on them...I don't agree or disagree with the cuff height impacting speed, but its much more likely to hurt than help. Considering you would need an articulating cuff built completely custom to your movements. It would have to be completely free moving for striding and only brace lateral movements. The amount of support gained would actually need to be used for it to even be there in the first place. You would have to be able to utilize , or better utilize a muscle group with the strength to make up for the added weight if it was in fact free moving, its unlikely, but leg muscles are extremely strong and leverage on our ankles grows as we go up in wheel sizes. I really wouldnt be suprised if they come out for speed skates eventually to help deal with the added leverage of say 125+ mm wheels.

Don't think I'm advocating above ankle cuffs for racing now lol. However if it helped a skater be better than they would have been without it.. cool. But to dismiss something because of the trend in racing is the pinnacle of idiocy. There once was a time where drivers raced with someone looking out for who was behind them so thy would know how to hold the other drivers behind them... just sayin

If you found my previous posts in his thead misleading then you should read my posts again.


Originally Posted by Letme View Post
This quote is ********. You did hear the change of edges right? And you think that is done with blades and legs in same line? Double push gets its power through ankle push, which means you have to actually produce something in ankle and not make it stiff. Not to mention once you go into corner - the limiting movement above ankle can make all the difference with proper crossover technique.
Ankles arent strong for rolling left to right. The action of a rolling ankle during a double push doesnt create gobs of power, its main purpose is to increase the speed of the stride before the power portion of a stride. This allows you to surge a pulse of power into an already accelerated leg. This is what makes the double push so fast. It has very.little to do with actually using the rolling action of your ankle for anything other than setting up for a fast hard kick.
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