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Going into your jump concentrate on holding your solid edge and keep rotation out of your mind completely. Pick a single place on the floor to do the jump initially and then pick a point high up on the wall in the direction that you will be looking. When you are about to reach the point where you will be taking off you want to find that point on the wall and center your eyes, shoulders and your hips to that point. Reach back with your free leg and keep your toe pointed but never leave that centered position with your eyes raised slightly upwards. Dip your employed leg until your toe stop touches. Do this by feel without turning and keep part of your attention on riding a solid secure edge. When the toe stop touches pull it in forcefully without turning. When it starts to come alongside your employed foot straighten the employed knee and jump straight up pulling your head and ribcage up as high as possible. As you rise into the air pull your arms into your left shoulder and begin your rotation. When you are about 45 degrees away from your point on the wall extend your arms and rotate your shoulders slightly back in the opposite direction to check your jump.

That's about as detailed a step-by-step sequence as I could think of at the moment. Hopefully whatever you are doing wrong will show up as you compare what you are doing to that. Going forward at takeoff and landing means that you are leaning forwards which in turn usually means that you are looking down. From start to finish your eyes should never go below horizontal and should never look backwards in the direction you are traveling except while actually rotating in the air.
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