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I'm 42, married with two girls 13, 10. We have a cat. We live in a log cabin.

History…skated at the rink as a kid – nothing fancy – few spins in the middle but loved it. In my late 20’s I played a bit of roller hockey but was the worst skater (don’t know how I survived actually -- in fact, I shouldn't even say I played -- I just flailed around trying to stay upright. Still, I was nicknamed "The Wall" because no one could get anything past me. Maybe that's because the guys were afraid of me since I was pregnant?) .

Four years later, my husband and I started going to a tiny tot session when our girls were small for exercise and entertainment value. We both had roller blades. A few years later, they (husband and girls) started going to a beginner speed class (I was at work). My husband was totally sold on the sport. Since we all ski he saw the potential for using skating as a cross training. We ski 4 or more days a week. I'm the only NON-ski racer -- but tempted.

The girls eventually joined the inline speed team -- a year later my husband joined -- then me a year and knee surgery after him in Nov '11.

They spend about 10 hours on the rink floor a week and I spend about 6 hours now. Phew.

I enjoy indoor and outdoor skating when possible in the PNW. Aside from weather we have to drive an hour to the rink (when there is NO snow) or 40 minutes to a smooth road in summer.

I'm now delving into quads after the girls (they started at session a year ago)...husband will be last to follow. Dang...who needs another sport???

Luigino ultras
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