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Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post
Hockey stops and DA45 are not the best of friends, and a 10 degree will likely ALWAYS do that better. But if the DA45 transition is not going well, work it from the hard end. Put in red cushions. Maybe you need to ease into more turning, not jump into it. I could not get up to and carry speed well with a softer DA45 setup. I can do it better now that I am on reds. Give it a whirl. Explore.
Plenty of non-DA45 skates will turn just as sharply as the DA45s will.
However, they will simply require MORE plate lean to reach this level of turning sharpness. Some of us can easily use our bodies, legs, and ankles to produce this increased amount of plate lean, especially with well optimized suspensions, and we don't need any DA45 plates to get all the turning we want or need from our plates.

True, it may take us a few miliseconds longer to get our skates leaned over to the degree we need them to reach, but we will have a better chance of nailing the correct amount of lean with less chance of overshoot or undershoot.

If you like being able to just twitch your foot angle and have your skate zoom off to the left or right, then DA45s are a good way to go. Some of us expect our skates to deliver more than just quick sharp turning though, thingslike getting as much of our power down onto the floor as possible matter to us, and it is in some of these other performance categories that the DA45s simply do not deliver as well as other shallower action plates do. This does not make DA45s bad plates, but it does make them a dubious choice for serious speed skaters.

It is mainly a question of skating priorities and style. In the end though, if you want me to believe that DA45s are good speed skates, you are going to have to point to some people standing on the quad speed winners podium who are skating on them at competitions. From what I have seen, there are very few winners choosing to roll with them.
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