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Originally Posted by Guru View Post
I'm 30 and have never done any skating of any kind. I do ride a bike, and have chatted with a local skate group. Skating seemed just as fast and fun as biking. So, I bought a pair of skates. I been on them about 6 hours. One hour of which was a free instructional class. I been reading about the drills and such.
I'm still scared, and I can't stop, or turn. How long will this take? Does everyone eventually get it? Because, I don't feel very confident.
Are you trying to skate with quads or inlines? I know what you're saying. I remember the very first time I tried to skate at a rink and two people had to hold me up! I'm kind of a slow learner, and it took me quite a few weeks of skating every Friday and Saturday night before I could even skate on my own. But if you're naturally athletic and coordinated(unlike me), you'll probably do real well. Good luck!
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