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Jess also skates in bowls....just thought you may have skated with her at some point.

Ankle support and antiks.....I know that some figure skates offer firm ankle support that breaks down over time. Antiks....not so sure if they were made like an art skate for jumps. I'm thinking that they were just made a little taller with questionable support. Which like the art skates breaks in (breaks down) over time.

I don't have full range of motion in my right ankle, it was suggested that I get a lace up brace to prevent an injury if my ankle was ever forced to a place is doesn't naturally go. This brace I replace every year so that I continue to get the protection I need. I would recomend this instead of a taller boot, because at $25 a piece, they are cheaper then buying a new boot once they are broken in (broken down in the ankle area).

And yes, Bonts are all that and a bag of chips
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