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Default Ankle pain

Hi all!

I started playing roller derby last october, and I have also recently taken up aggressive skating (a la chicks in bowls) in June.
I skate on Riedell R3's and I have noticed some intense ankle pain when I am running on my toe stops either to get to the top of a ramp or to begin a jam. I'm not sure if this is a problem with my skates or a medical problem with my ankles, but they have never hurt me before.

It almost feels like a very intense cramp or like something is slightly displaced in my ankle (i dont know if that makes any sense haha). It usually happens in my left ankle and I have to take weight off of it immediately and remove my skate, and then it goes away after a couple of minutes of me rolling it around and stretching it.

I'm gonna run out and buy some gel inserts to put into my skates before practice tonight and see if that helps. But I figured someone on here has experience with a similar problem.

Thank you!
Rayna Terror.
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