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Originally Posted by Tumblena109 View Post
Thank you for the cushion suggestion. I will definitely give that a try. Unfortunately, I cannot buy new boots right now, maybe the cushions will

Another thought occurred. Blisters mean movement. Perhaps you foot does not move skating on the flat, but the extra push on a hill is doing it. An extra pair of socks, and a 2nd insole in the boot. A normal insole, not a gel. Gels really don't go well with skating. I used a Rebel boot for a long time, and got along with it well. I never thought my foot was moving in it, until I skated a Bont and felt what a really well held in place foot feels like. THEN I could tell my foot was moving in the Rebel when I would skate it. But fortunately, I did not have any ill effects from my foot moving in the boot. Yeah, more socks, or a 2nd normal type insole. Gotta snug up your foot in there some without killing the foot in the process.
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