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Originally Posted by madams View Post
thank you for your response. What would you recommend for small crushed stone on a rail trail?
I would rather try to skate on my quads with 62mm poisons on a park/bike path that you're describing over my coyote inlines.

The fatigue they cause is crazy. Even when I set my compressor to 80psi(wheel maximum) and make it perfectly full, they're just a bear to handle.

Some inlines like megacriisers may work out ok, as they have 125mm wheels.

I would recommend a bike sorry, if you want to skate. You'll need a slide board, or a better place to skate. Tennis courts are awesome, basketball, parking lots, etc.

Sadly outdoor requires 1 of 2 things, a descent terrain.
A Sh!toad of skating skill to traverse poor skate conditions and still have fun, as in not eating it every time something tries to chock up your wheels from debris , uneven surface area, or both.

Got any pictures of the skating surface you intend to use?
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