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truth be told, my favorite trail of any of them is the one that follows the noisy boring highway, becuase it is the best for speed training. But this time of year (off season) when i;'m just trying to build strength and maintain the training level ive achieved in the summer and fall, i like to treat myself to more leisurely trails, even if they are not the fastest. And more than anything, i mostly have no choice becuase most days only one trail will be dry enough and free of wet leaves enough to skate.

i've often thought that it is very important, for speed skating, what kind of course you train on. Not scenery stuff, but how many interuptions, and how capable are you at going fast on that course. If your trail doesn't allow you to ramp it up, you won't learn how to. I really think a lot of would be speed skaters train on courses that will limit their development. I know there are several trails around here that would limit mine. I don't think enough attention is paid to this fact by many that are starting out in this speed stuff. I'm talking about obstructions that cause you to slow down or stop, bad sight lines, too many people to skate fast safely and consistently, too short, dangerous turns at the bottom of hills, bind corners, etc.

That kind of stuff can hold you back if it's what you skate most of the time.
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