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Default Intro and opinions on 1st pair of quad skates


I have been reading a lot of the forum material over the last month and am starting to form a few options for my first set of skates.

First off - thanks to all of you for the time you have put into this forum – I love the passion!

Ability: Very basic – don’t usually fall - working on basic technique
Reason for skating: 8 yr old daughter is in love with the activity... and it’s been a lot of fun for me too!
Reason for wanting skates: Desire to improve and rentals are making me mad!!!
Rink right now, but I want the option to go outside (parking lots/trails etc) with the same set of skates, of course different wheels.
Would really rather stay below $250 w/ two sets of wheels (indoor and outdoor) – would consider going up to $325 (all in taxes, shipping etc)
Used is fine by me – a little disappointed there aren’t more used skates listed on the site
1. Bont Quadstar or Prostar – I tried on the Prostar’s and really like the fit. The 8’s were a little too short, but I like how tight they were on my foot, the 9’s were better at the toe but I was worried about “vinyl” stretching and being too lose down the road.
a. Looking for an opinion on size. If I measure, the Bont site tells me I am a 9 Narrow (very last mm limit of 9)...since these two options don’t come in narrow I am thinking about going with an 8.5 (haven’t tried them on).
b. Does anyone think I could reverse mount these down the road if I wanted to?
2. Vintage Riedell 265 on Nova plates – reverse mounted. I haven’t tried on the 265s – think I am a 9.5 in Riedell’s (I rent a 10). I like the look/durability and the heel for outdoors (based on some of the opinions on the forum).
a. Do the older 265’s fit the same – meaning if I measure using the site’s guidance, would they size the same ? “9.5 current version” = “9.5 vintage version”?
3. Ask Armidillo to help me build something?? (((I just did a search of forum to double check spelling of his username and realized he has passed – left comment in here because his posts had a lot of influence on where I am heading – thanks Dillo!)))
Last question: Are there any really good summary technique posts/videos (in this forum or otherwise) I should look into to get started on improvement path?

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