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Originally Posted by Oicusk82huh View Post
Hey Joey, looks like it's just you and me left here in the wasteland!
Apparently not! Derrick made an appearance! Finally.

I have a similar story to yours. I used to play roller hockey. One by one my team mates were lured by the ice rink until there was no more roller hockey. The ice rink was beyond my means to get to so that was that. The Sirens failed to dash me upon the frozen rocks! But...

Now the similar part. You know I recently rediscovered quad skates (last November) and have been dedicating myself to becoming an expert on them once again after a 25 year love affair with inline skates exclusively (25 years on quads before the inlines). Well, now I'm kinda hooked on the quads and have a $500 pair of inline slalom skates gathering dust. Yeah, I can easily switch back and forth but I am really enjoying standing on a platform instead of a blade while skating. I have even started using the quads for street skating again. Yeah, the inlines are probably better EXCEPT when the ground is wet. My inlines are fatal on damp surfaces and the quads don't care. Plenty of grip.

Funny you mention "edges" because I was feeling that my inlines would lose their edge very easily on wet surfaces but since the quads had no edges this was not an issue. All four wheels just slide a little bit - easy to control and even a bit fun as compared to gritting my teeth on inlines when slick out.

So the "edge" you mentioned - are you actually on the edge of two wheels? Or is it something else you are feeling on four wheels? Very curious.


And if you are looking for online support, join us over at Endomondo! Endo is an online fitness community where most people track their workouts with phone apps or GPS devices, but this is not necessary! You can easily track your slalom time with a simple wristwatch or clock and upload that info to the website via laptop or phone. And you will acquire lots of friends who skate (not slalom tho) who will all encourage you through likes and comments regularly along with challenges you can join. I created some time-based challenges especially for people skating in rinks, around cones, in skate parks, etc. Strictly time spend skating. You might enjoy the company!

My name at Endomondo is Joey Brooks.

My skating time challenge you might find helpful is this one for June. I renew it every month so you can join up for July and start with zero hours like everyone else will have to:

Endomondo has a free level. It is very useful. $30/year adds features and removes advertisements.

Fitness sites like Endomondo, Strava, and many others is partly why no one is here. Also, Facebook groups play a large part. There are likely a few dedicated to slalom if you have a Facebook page of your own. I don't bother with Facebook. Endo is enough. So you should at least join and take a look around.

Great to hear from you at any rate! I still get notifications from this string on Skatelog so use this now and then if you don't do Endomondo and I will drop by and catch up.

Cheers and good skating!

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