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Originally Posted by larryoracing View Post
You are right about the 360 in just about everything you said, but remember on your snyder skates a small tendency to lean creates a small edge on landing.

1) With a pair of modern day skates these small tendancies will be voided out. The skate will like to skate flat and land flat which is really good for a 360 or Inertia jumping.

2) If you skated on a modern day skate like a dance plate you would never want to jump on them because they want to lean and skate big barrier lobes. It is easy to initiate an edge, which you don't want in jumping.

Although everybody wants to add rotation to jumps the key is jumping straight up. From there everything becomes easy. If you tend to want to rotate only disaster will happen with hurt bones and bruises.

Larry O
I looked at some videos online and find that you are right. The best present to the lobe quickly but land flat.

Here's the videos and comment.

This video should be banned it has too many hits and comes up as if it had any correct information whatsoever:

I think thesis the best training video:

Lands too bent over (geez! I learn a little and I turn into a jerk. Can I do a double better or even at all (or even close)? noooooo... and she presents nicely so as not to notice the landing unless you put it on youtube and have a pause key):

Anyway here's the vid:
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