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Originally Posted by BlondeWitch View Post

I have an Atlas Circlemaster figure plate. I have to adjust the action on the plate when I go from skating big circles to skating loop circles. The adjustment used to work fine with the nut clicking so I can count how many clicks between each adjustment. (My adjustment is 3 clicks difference)

However, often one or two of the nuts do not click when I turn them. I have no way of knowing if I've turned the nut the right amount. Sometimes, I get back on the floor to find that my action is way too loose.

This is one of the reasons I despise click actions. One can learn where the adjustment is by watching the wrench handle. Clickers typically have detentes (the thing that makes the click) @ 12 o'clock, 2, 4 6 8 and 10 o'clock. Watch your wrench handle as you swing the adjustment nut and you will see it act like an hour hand. 3 clicks is also 1/2 turn of the adjustment nut on 6 detentes.

The strange thing is that sometimes it does click and sometimes it doesn't.

Do you know what is wrong with my plate? Is this something that can be fixed? I really don't want to have to buy a new plate.

W/o pix I can guess. 1) the lock screw @ the floor end of the king pin may be coming loose. 2) Either the adjuster nut or the click retainer is worn out.

Shoot me a PM and we can go from there.
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