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Originally Posted by JohnS View Post
if your wearing the wrist guards that brace your wrist (eg. solid plastic on the front and the back). all it does is send all the force from the fall, through both bones just above the end of the bracing, and will break both of them with very high consistency...
Sorry I have to disagree with you. If you are a speed skater or an extreme skater, that may be so. Most of us don't skate at that kind of speed or risky environment. A wrist guard of whatever design is a definite must.

I have used both wrist guards with top & bottom plastic protections and also those with only palm protection, they don't seem to make that much of a difference when I fall.

Bones are not the only things I'm trying to protect, we need to protect skin as well! Asphalt / tarmac surfaces are worst because the pits and aggregates in them can easily rip a piece of flash out from you when you fall. At the very least, they are like rough sand paper, a whole layer of skin can be ripped off with a simple fall and it takes months to cure. I have been wearing a thin pair of glove under those wrist guards for a long time now (those minimalist type with finger tips cut out). I had many falls but had not loose any skin yet since I started wearing gloves.
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