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Default Shaped washers

Is where I am going with this. Shaped to work with the compression/deformation of the cushions rather than restict cushion movement. I have been running an hourglass cushion configuration for years for low ramp up, but am now seeing considerable differences just by using larger od flat washers. So Im thinking of a radiused sided washer. Radium against the small cone end. Below the cone, below the truck. Just one more thing to do.... might need to be angled instead.... testing to follow soon....
Have to knock the dust off the plate analyzer...

Edit: I pulled the beveled washers off and cut the lip down to about 2/3 the OD of the little end of the cone. Reinstalled and most of the freedom of movement is back. I also found two more busted yellow cushions in the process. These yellows are just falling apart...

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