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Originally Posted by chuckboucher View Post
It's a pain in the @$$, since you have to purchase two different sized wheels. And if you like to rotate them regularly, like me, the only rotation you can do w/ the 100mm wheels are the 2nd position of both skates. This changes with a 2&2 setup (110-100-100-110).

Their pros are a slightly (maybe 1-2mm, depending on the frame) lower deck height and a slightly smaller overall length.

As for noticeable differences, I noticed a slightly better roll with the 4x110mm setups than with a hi-lo.
For me personally the gain in height was much more substantial than 1-2mm. On the hybrid 110/100 frame I was lower than on my previous 4x100mm (but that was a basis PS frame, so no good point of reference). I believe the gain in height is worth the hassle: it makes the transition to 110mm more gradual and allows for a more linear progression of technique. Rotating wheels is considered a bigger or smaller problem, depending on the person (small for me). I have not skated teh 4x110mm yet, so can't compare the roll or other characteristics.
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