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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
Llama, measure your feet and see if you can get a few users to measure theirs, and report back how their skates fit. Also what socks (thick/thin) they use.

Or compare their length an widest part of a foot tracing
OK, so feet.

Left and right are nearly identical.
30cm long (to the first toe, yes my 1st toe is longer than my big toe)
11.8cm wide (measured exactly perpendicular to the first measurement)
circumference at widest point is 27.5cm for the left and 27cm for the right.

Scan of footbed to be posted (though I am certain it is unnecessary)

What I am after is what a rink hockey skate traditionally is, a heeled low-top boot. I want heat mold-able but leather is OK. (I'd love a Bont with a 2-3.5cm heel, which they don't make without going full custom it appears) At this point pickers can't be choosers, so anything is welcome.
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