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Default Tough Choices f/Song Selections

Hi NY-Catskills,
Just stay away from Toledo, NY on I-87.

Anyway, 70-90's gives you a lot of great 70s and 80s songs that some of the adults grew up on. They can probably still mouth the words. On that Blog tread I gave you some used at our Skateland place that have black artists. Late 70s for those older parents. The 80s just rock for great skating songs.

For the kids it is a bit harder. Lion King is always great. A lot of great songs to skate to that have peppy upbeats.
Or The Mighty King.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave

P.S. And Katy Perry has some good stuff too that the young kids can mouth. Stay away from her more slut sex stuff. < This is just one of her many good ones..

And play Double Dutch School Bus since it is kind of neat and fast of feet. I know it is all black people. Yet you know it is a good song the kids can relate with FOR 1 song. and other stuff from Nicoloden
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