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What I've found on the grooves vs no grooves(presuming the wheel is not coned) since I've had wheels machined true before, without grooving them.

Grooves help vs dusty floors, by giving the film of dirt/dust somewhere to go, essentially wiping the floor clean so the high points of the grooves that follow can grip, like in a sliding condition. The down side is that the grooves reduce contact patch, and on a clean floor, won't have quite as much grip. Again, that is if the wheel without grooves is not coned.

There are similar performance characteristics between quad skates and cars, and the way the wheels interact with the ground.(inlines and motorcycles too) Depending on the conditions, depends on what is going to have the best results for a skaters preference.
I am NOT a believer in "different compounds for different floors" hoopla.

For traction, you have 2 conditions of sheer, the ground, and the wheel. Not all urethane is created equal, so while 2 wheels may even be the exact same duro, width, urethane thickness, they won't always have the same sheer resistances. Example of poor sheer resistances would be vanilla wheels, like the 99A deluxes, I can slide sooo easy with them, not just cause they are hard, but because they literally leave white streaks/trails while hockey stopping.

The more wear resistance a wheel has for a given durometer, the more grip it will have, which is augmented by the trueness of the OD, or lack there of if cloned, and if it has grooves or is bald. Typically bald wheels are very cloned, so people don't get a good comparison of bald vs grooved. They don't take into consideration of the height inconsistencies which has an influence on grip.

Sheer resistance is why Scotties wheels have better grip than everything else out there.
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