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I've spent a lot of time on various numbers of wheels. My go to skates are Reign Helios (tri-skates with the trinity mounting). They are responsive and glide well. However, you really have to buckle down on that ankle to keep them safe. Vancouver is [relatively] flat (I skate around in the south puget sound, and love to go up and down hills), but you still might want a bit of low end power. 4 (or 5!) smaller wheels is like a smaller gear. you'll be more stable, accelerate off of standstill quicker, and stop more sturdily. However, the big wheels are good for glide. You say you're 71 (congrats). At 71, you will likely not be going fast enough to make good use of large wheels, unless you're very fit....which you also mentioned. All in all, if you want a comfortable and safe city journey, go with 4x84 or 4x90. I can keep pace with the bikes on those no problem. if you're a speed demon with no care in the world for safety or comfort, go with 4x100,4x110,3x110+. I've seen a couple guys zooming around here on 125's. I'm not sure I'd want to stop on those. through town, I generally am the fastest thing on the road on my 3x105's. The cost? yeah, they cost me most of a grand. but I've had them for a year and they are as rock solid as day one, no matter me beating them up all over. Buy a good boot and the money will pay you back. buy a frame that you feel is the right combination of speed and safe...and then learn to initiate a hockey stop or fakie slide at 50kph
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